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Power Stretch Leggings

In the word of fashion the new technology always play the important role. At present era no one want to compromise with quality of personality and most of the time the personality shining by the one’s outfit.

Today we are going to talk about what is stretchable fabric, what are the benefits of its and how its will give us the stylist look to our personality.

So lets begin our discussion with the basic concept of stretchable fabric.  

What is Power Stretch Fabric.

According to Wikipedia..

Stretch fabric is a synthetic fabric which stretches. Stretch fabrics are either 2-way stretch or 4-way stretch.

In a simple word a fabric which get stretch, Due to technology upgradation every day a new style comes in the picture and in industry of fashion every one is too much concern about their look & personality as “the first impression is the last impression” and the very first impression is created with the outfit that we are going to wear right.. So Lets jump in to history of stretchable fabric.

“Neoprene” is the synthetic rubber by use of that material the scientist have evolved stretchable fabric. From the research , it was found that in 1958 the first time in market it was found with two name called “Lycra” and “Spandex”.

In the mid-1980s, fashion designers were using stretchable fabric to manufacture swimming suits and bras. but gradually it is widely getting used in day to day items like sportwear, exercises clothings, medical remedies and  much more.

In leggings we also used spandex and cotton yarn to give stretch to the fabric. Our Leggings is 360 Degree stratable in 4-way stretchable, fabric will be stretch only  horizontally and vertically. But our leggings will be give stretch to all the direction like horizontally, vertically and cross direction too. So we called our leggings as a “Power Stretch Leggings”.

Benefits of Stretchable Leggings

Stretchable leggings having its own benefits. We always too much worried about our outfit as its directly represent our personality. Following are the benefits of Stretchable Leggings.

  1. Gives you a Stylist Look.
    fb cover white xxl free size
    Stretchable leggings will be automatically take a shape as per your body as its fully skinfit. The leggings with spandex lycra covering fabric yarn will gives more stylist look to your personality.
  2. Comfortable to wear whole day & No Sheer.
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    If you are too much worried about fitting of leggings and its sheering problem then we have your problem’s solution. Just buy our leggings and get free from all the worries. We promise you if you wear our leggings you will be find that your entire day passes with the comfort and also you want need to worry about sheer of the leggings as its has power stretch feature, If its get sheet then we will gives you full refund.
  3. Stretchable leggings suitable for different forms of exercise.
    exercise with leggings
    if you are doing too much exercise kind of work then this leggings will be most most suitable as the power stretch feature of this leggings will take all the shape that your body takes.
  4. Convenient and easy to wear.
    leggings easy to wear
    We have used compression knit technology to make this power stretch leggings. Our leggings will come with comfortable elastic belt on upper and bottom side. Their are No tight waist bands and zippers. Its very easy to wear.
  5. Suitable with multi items like kurtis, t-shirt, shirts etc..
    plain leggings and kurti
    We know that specially female too much matching friendly, they are too much talented in fashion word that they can alter the cloth and make new combination that gives her best look. Stretchable leggings will help for those talented ladies. Our product is such that it can be match with Kurtis, T-Shirts, Shirts and other Indian women ethnic wear.

So we hope you have enjoyed this article, if you have any query then you can comment it below, we will reach to you very soon. Happy Shopping.

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